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Michael L Griffin - Managing Member

Service and support are the integral elements that contribute to a client’s business success. Creatronic offers a wide spectrum of service and support to its clients.  Leaving you to get on with your core business!

Domain Registrations: (per domain per annum)
.biz, .com, .info, .name, .net, .org & .us : US$15 Reduced from $20
.cc: US$40 Reduced from $45
.de: US$25
.tv: US$55
.uk: US$25 R100    Reduced from R200 R225 Reduced from R250 R100 R100
Please read the registrar contracts HERE
registering a Top Level Domain
Once off registration with no annual renewal
Registration & renewal fees include 1 years' DNS hosting

Internet Solution services:
• Internet service hosting - DNS, Web, FTP & Email
• Domain registration
• Frequent updates & web management
• Web based database services

All these services are provided at rates that have been customised for the small to medium enterprise. Creatronic will meet you at your individual point of need with a customised solution that works for you. Be it in the form of development, software, hardware, network administration or any of our other quality services.