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Michael L Griffin - Managing Member
There's a rather tired old saying that "anyone can design a web page" or "anyone can fix a pc...", and these days, just about everyone does.

However, not everyone has an understanding of the range of issues that are crucial in determining whether a web site succeeds or your network runs smoothly. As many have discovered, even hiring a top notch firm does not always bring the desired results for the smaller companies.

At Creatronic, we offer consulting services to ensure that your web site not only looks good, but works well too. We will work with you to ensure that your site achieves the sometimes difficult balance between form and function.

Creatronic specialises in internet solutions for the small to medium enterprise who would normally not consider an internet presence due to the astronomical fees charged by the larger service providers and cannot afford the services of a full time network administrator.

Creatronic provides effective & affordable solutions. : (to mention a few)

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